Solar Photovoltaic Construction

Well here it is...the whole process from roof to photovoltaic. Under this light colored aluminum rack are the darker pieces that are screwed into the rafters of the roof. They are sealed with a caulk, just to make sure no water gets under the roof. The arrays are really well anchored.

A larger view of the rack system. The small aluminum screws sticking up are going to lock the solar arrays in place...

This is the upper rack being completed. If you look closely, on the upper left of the first panel, you can see the small nut holding the array.

This is the "ugly" view from the street, but they can only be seen from this one direction. Actually, I think they are "beautiful". Certainly, what they are doing is beautiful. Coming down the street the other way you do not see the panels at all.

A closer view of the back of the upper array.

This is a much closer view of the back of the array.

Even closer. The white spot in the upper part is a reflection on the camera lens. The light blue cross lines are the sun coming through the panel. The arrays are really very, very thin.

Here is Michael Mora, the designer and installer, getting ready to show me how much electricity (just the upper arrray) will produce.

Mike assures me this is safe! It is an impressive demonstration of what the solar photovoltaic system can do!

Mike is making the connections from the panel to the inverter, which converts the direct current (DC) from the panels, to alternating current (AC), which is what all our appliances use.

The red box is the inverter. It is about 95% efficient, meaning only roughly 5% of the electricity generated (DC) is used to convert it for household use (AC).

The inside of the "red box". (For those who had to know...)

This is about the only place I could find where you can see the upper array from the back yard. (The camera is about 10 feet off the ground.) The ends of the racks will be cut off at a later date.

This is the view from the back yard, and as you can (not) see, the upper array is not really visible. The lower array will also protect the roof and keep that part of the house cooler! Mike made every effort to get the array straight, but the roof had too much contour, still, it is really well done.

If you look really close, you may see the upper array in the right hand side of the upper roof line, again it is not an area of the yard I will spend any time in.


The final product! Silent and beautiful! (Again the ends of the rack will be trimmed flush with the array).

Well that is it...Whew! It sure is fun to watch the electric meter going backwards! Again, thanks Mike!

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